Mark Freedman

Dev Storyteller

This is My Story

Welcome to my site. My expertise is in the field of software development, which I’m passionate about. I love creating things that help people accomplish their goals. Software allows me to scratch that itch, crafting tools seemingly out of thin air. I think it’s pure magic. If you’re looking for help on your projects, please let me know.

Although I’m good at what I do, the learning never ends. It’s impossible to know everything. This field is so exciting and moves so quickly, the opportunity to learn new technologies, tools, and techniques is continuous. I learn from others on every project I work on. I love to share in this educational process, so I’ve ran user groups and code camps, as well as write articles here to provide learning opportunities to thousands of others. And I always learn from the comments left on my articles.

I have several interests, ranging from computers and programming, music, baseball, guitar, productivity, self improvement, and learning anything and everything. Like most people, I need 48 to 72 hours in a day to do the things I want to do, and if I ever got those many hours, I’d just need more.

I’ve been co-chair and board member of both the Fairfield / Westchester .NET User Group, and the Fairfield / Westchester SQL Server User Group, and I assist in several other development community events. It’s all about community and learning!

In addition to this site, and the user group websites, I also have a music website (another great passion of mine), and maintain several other sites, including my wife’s website.