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Advice for Presenting at Code Camps & User Groups

John Zablocki was one of the presenters at the our first ever code camp. He’s written a related article about presenting at code camps, with the story behind his preparation and presentation. This article serves as a cousin post to my posts about running a code camp. Ok, maybe it’s a sister post. Or a brother post. Oh, brother — you get the idea…

Also, since he recently presented at our .NET user group, he’s written a related article about presenting at user groups. He had a fairly unique experience, thanks to the fact that the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Installfest was happening (to his surprise) on the same evening. We did that just for you, John! Serves you right for taking a long vacation during the announcement. Wink

As soon as I gather enough courage to speak at one of these things myself one day, I’ll be sure to re-read these. In the meantime, I’ll continue to help organize these, and occasionally participate from the audience. But I will speak one day! I will! The more presentations I see, the more confidence I have that I can do it well.

Of course, when that day comes, you can be sure I’ll be whimpering on the floor in a pool of sweat…


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