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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is the most basic AWS certification you could obtain. It certifies that you have a basic knowledge of the core features and benefits of AWS. It's a great kickoff point if you want to work towards other AWS certifications.

JIT Learning

When I first entered the field of software development, in order to become a so-called expert, we needed to learn a handful of technologies. It was challenging, but it was doable. This is no longer possible. Today, we need to be able to apply JIT (just-in-time)...

Technical User Groups – The Tribe of Passionate Geeks

The bug got me in the mid-70s. My math teacher in junior high, Mr. Blumenfeld, introduced us to a fascinating contraption on a tall stool that appeared, at first glance, to be an adding machine of some sort. But the thing was programmable, and...

Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp 4 (2010) Recap

I’m waaaay overdue for this posting.  But I would be remiss to pass up the opportunity to thank everyone, from speakers, to organizers, to sponsors and attendees, for making this year’s code camp, on November 6th, the biggest and most successful yet. I’m not going...

Re-Education Action Plan – Learning Process

In my last post, I continued my saga about the re-education of a software developer by introducing the technologies I’m looking to (re)introduce myself to.  In this post, I’ll talk a bit about how I learn.  Everyone learns differently, so “your mileage may vary.”...

Re-Education Action Plan – The Lessons

In my last post, I wrote about my next life phase, which is mainly a return to my former self – software developer.  In order to get back in sync, I need to develop an action plan.  Thankfully, I’ve kept a very close eye...