Wow, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. I’m not a fan of posting about why I haven’t been posting, but if you don’t tell, I won’t. 😉

A lot of changes going on in my life… Got a promotion at work (and an office, but everyone ignores the door being closed — I know. It’s my own fault).

I helped out with preparations for NYC Code Camp III (which I missed, and will likely regret that forever, or at least until next year’s code camp). I recently attended the NYC MDC, and I’ll be headed to MIX09 in March, compliments of Microsoft — with the expectation that I’ll be presenting to my user group and others on the topics I attend. So I’ve ran out of excuses for not speaking. Good.

As far as the user groups are concerned, due to the state of the economy, UCONN is starting to charge for the use of the rooms. The price is enormous. We were able to secure a single (free) room, thanks to the CITI division, the second Wednesdays of the month, which was the normal day for the SQL Server User Group. So we’ll be merging the groups this year, into the .NET User Group, with about 75% of the sessions focused on .NET, and 25% on SQL Server. It remains to be seen what the effect is on a potential Code Camp this year.

I got an iPhone, which has been the biggest time sink of my life. And loving it.

I got a MacBook Pro, so I could learn how to program the iPhone, because that’s how much it has enthralled me. And loving it.

I’ve been learning how to program for the Mac, using Xcode, Cocoa, and Objective-C, so I could get comfortable with the tools in order to more easily transfer this to learning how to program the iPhone.

I’m planning many articles about several topics. I have a lot to get off my chest, and some of it ain’t pretty.

I know I’ve been all over the map lately, but i think that’s ok, as long as I post more consistently. The main focus is still on productivity through technology, but other parts of myself will still come through. With that said, let’s move beyond this “excuse” post, and I’ll write again soon.


  1. Congratulations on your promotion. The prospect of starting a new job role and helping with another code camp totally justifies the layoff from your blog. No apologies needed.

  2. Having your door closed gives a sense to all that you are not approachable anymore. It is difficult to take it for the people for whom you were always approachable before.

    – ‘My 2 cents’.

  3. True, Lalit, but the reason I wanted an office for years was specifically to be able to send a message that I need to focus, without interruption, for certain periods of the day. As you know, I don’t keep it closed all day. And there are a couple of specific time slots everyone knows that it’s almost always closed.

    Unfortunately, most people don’t even consider the need for others to have “focus” time, especially in our fast moving world. So it takes physical “signals” to send that message.

    It’s a balance. I’m sorry people may feel that way, but everyone who knows me, knows I’m still approachable. But there are boundaries. There must be boundaries to remain effective.

    I feel another blog post coming on… 😉

  4. People don’t come and open your office door and run away. They come in because they need your expertise to get their issues resolved. For better efficiency for yourself, maybe it’s time you to help people learn so that they don’t have to come to you. I would be happy to read your blog and comment on the same.


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