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Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp Photos

Last week, I wrote about our second annual code camp. Here are some of Lorri’s photos of the event. Soon, I’ll post some video clips. I’ll probably have some more photos in a future post.

Please excuse my cheesy captions 😉

Next year, my friend, Dave, will help us capture complete audio recordings of each session. In the meantime, we’ll try to get some video recording practice at some user group events, in the hopes that by 2010, we’ll be able to get a video transcript of the entire event.

Bill Zack - Azure
Bill Zack gives us a ride in the cloud, with Azure
Rob Sedor - .NET Concurrency
Rob Sedor shows us how to code and chew gum at the same time, with .NET Concurrency
Allan da Pinto Costa - WCF+Silverlight
Allan da Pinto Costa shows us the lightness of Silverlight with WCF
Aaron Armstrong - ADO.NET Entity Framework
Aaron Armstrong introduces us to the ADO.NET Entity Framework
Dmitry Lyalin - Live Framework
Dmitry Lyalin meshes with the Live Framework
Michael de la Maza - Agile Games
Michael de la Maza uses games to build agile teams
Richard Hale Shaw - Applying and Leveraging LINQ 1
Richard Hale Shaw shows a SRO crowd how to apply LINQ the right way
Bill Zack - SDS
Bill Zack digs deeper into the cloud with SQL Data Services
Code Camp 2008 - Packed Audience
This packed audience will go home armed with more tools in its arsenal
Raja Sekhar Karumuru - AJAX and SilverLight 2.0
Raja Sekhar Karumuru makes his debut on the wings of AJAX and SilverLight
Richard Hale Shaw - Applying and Leveraging LINQ 2
Richard Hale Shaw mesmerizes the crowd for three straight sessions

Sunil Kadimdiwan - Charts and Gauges with Reporting Services 2008
Sunil Kadimdiwan dazzles us with charts and gauges in Reporting Services
Chris Shain - Distributed Data
Chris Shain shows us how to pull together distributed data
Peter Laudati - MVC Framework
Peter Laudati shows how to make ourselves MVPs with the MVC
Jason Sliss - TDD
Jason Sliss goes live with TDD in action

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