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Thoughts of practical idealistic problem solver and software engineer, Mark Freedman.

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People Can Be So Unreliable

When I was a kid, it always seemed that my block was full of friends and family that would do anything to help each other. Neighbors would check on each other's kids, friends could be counted on to do favors for each other, and it seemed that there was so much more...

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Why Hoaxes Work

I am constantly amazed why e-mail hoaxes still work, even to this day. Haven't we been warned for several years now to look for the obvious signs of an Internet hoax? Haven't we've been informed of sites like and Then why, oh why do...

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I Could Write A Book

Well, couldn't we all? Well, I really can't. I don't remember details. There are topics I CAN write a book about, as many people have told me I should, but the damn problem is -- I can't remember details about things! Maybe this blog will help me remember. I know this...

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Who the Hell Am I?

Like you care... 😉 Well, I do, so here goes... I'm a pretty successful Software Architect. I'm a good father to a wonderful, smart, beautiful daughter. I'm a good husband to a wonderful, smart, beautiful artist. I'm a bad guitar player (but definitely getting...

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I Have Nothing to Say

I am talking to myself. Welcome to my world... I decided a long time ago that I would not have a blog until I had something to say. I still have nothing to say... Except to myself. You see, this blog is for me. I do have a hell of a lot to say. I just don't know if...

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