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Hi, I’m Mark Freedman, a problem solver who uses software to implement pragmatic solutions. I’ll work with you on your specific challenges. I’ll take the time to learn and understand your business because that’s what really matters.

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The only way to provide the best value for you and the company is by understanding how you work, and what will make your job easier, better, and more profitable.

With that knowledge, we’ll work together to build solutions, whether it means enhancing existing processes, augmenting it with new tools, or automating those time-eating rote tasks that get in the way of you doing your core job.

I understand language of business and software, and can work closely with management and across teams, observing and gathering process information from people in the trenches. I’ll also help develop an integration strategy with business partners.

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We can learn a lot from each other. I’ve mentored technical and soft-skills, and look forward to learning from you and your team as well. I’ve also trained several successful IT executives; some with no prior software experience. Software is such an exciting field because the learning never ends. That’s why it’s also a hobby of mine.

So who am I, and why do I think I could help you?

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in every segment of the software industry. I’ve been with several startups, and have been a founder of a handful. I’ve served as engineer, architect, director, consultant, AWS certified DevOp, mentor and leader, often seamlessly switching between those on the same day.

As a key cog on several teams, I helped drive tremendous growth by building cutting-edge solutions. I’ve established process, automation and monitoring systems, diminishing technical debt to improve visibility and prevent potential issues.

  • Helped spark 23,000% hyper-growth in one of the fastest growing companies in the northeast US.
  • Simplified dev and monitoring systems, with annual savings of $100,000s and 100s of support hours.
  • Built batch and real-time billing systems supporting over 200k daily transactions.
  • Data model and analytic SaaS systems improving clients’ marketing reach over 40%.
  • Through re-engineering, doubled participation on FCCC website, receiving rave reviews.
  • Rebooted user groups (an INETA Champion) helping to rejuvenate the NY/NJ/CT development community.
  • Led and mentored consulting staff of 20+ developers, doubling profits over several years, leading to annual profits of $500,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Invented and developed cutting-edge software development tools and libraries.
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As a consultant or as an employee, I’ve always considered myself part of my clients’ and employers’ team. I care about your success. And I want to make your job easier and more productive.

I can help you and your team. So, let’s talk.

You can reach me using the contact information on my résumé.


“…a software developer’s developer…patient and understanding…” – Damien Spivak, Architect / Lead Developer, LiftEngine
“…works very well with individuals or groups…” – Sonny Saunders, Co-Founder, DPI-SIG
“…passionate, fun, kind…dedicated to seeing through whatever he starts…” – Nick Ventresca, Sr. VP and CIO, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
“…dependable, smart, and has a strong work ethic…team oriented…” – Louis Edouard, Leader of Infrastructure Services & Security, EDR
“…phenomenal influence, mentor and teacher…passionate about technology…” – Vikram Karumbaiah, Technical Specialist, Affinion Group
“…great leader…accomplished software developer…proven track record…” – Joe Somma, Founder and Software Engineer, Millentek, LLC
“…focused thought leader and great mentor…well respected by peers…” – Terry Harris, Integration and Simplification Leader, GE Capital
“…passionate and talented…extremely positive influence in my career…” – John Zablocki, Senior Director of Engineering, HealthcareSource
“…motivational leader…proactively manage change…” – Gina Carey, CEO & Founder, Carey CFO Services
“…one of the best managers I have ever worked for…a born leader…” – Kenneth Benoit, Senior Software Developer, State Of Connecticut Judicial Branch
“…took time to truly understand…focus, attention, knowledge and skills…” – Bonnie Andrelski, Regional Activation & Support Lead-AMS, Unilever
“…detail-oriented…ethical and sincere…leads by example…” – Pat Chipdey, Manager – Systems Development, Weeden & Co.


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