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I Have Nothing to Say

I am talking to myself. Welcome to my world…

I decided a long time ago that I would not have a blog until I had something to say. I still have nothing to say…

Except to myself.

You see, this blog is for me. I do have a hell of a lot to say. I just don’t know if you will find any of it interesting. I’m sure there may be some stuff I spout out that you’ll find interesting, but this blog is still mainly for me.

I have read and heard over and over how keeping a journal will help me reach my goals. So this is it. This is that journal. To myself. If you want to eavesdrop, be my guest. No apologies. If you decide to read, don’t complain to me.

This is for me.

Of course, it makes it more fun, and maybe therapeutic if you read my blog. But, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I can be funny. But usually that comes through in conversation. I’m not sure if it will come through in my writing. So if you get bored, tough luck. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m in my early 40s. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve lived maybe 1/4 of my life. Yeah, I expect to live well beyond 150. I feel that I’ve accomplished maybe 1/4 of all I will accomplish in my lifetime. Don’t take this the wrong way — actually, I don’t really care if you take this the wrong way — but I strongly feel that I will help change the world for the better. How, I’m not sure just yet. I do have an inkling of an idea, but exactly how it will manifest itself remains to be seen.

I see this blog as one of my tools to get myself to the next level. No, I do not believe that this blog will make me "famous", or anything. But I DO think it will help me organize my thoughts and feelings, and give me a kick in the ass.

I’ve said enough for one post. I just want to end this post by saying, I do NOT think that I’m more special than anyone else — I think EVERYONE is incredibly special, and we can all change the world for the better. It’s just that very few people actually really try.

I intend to try.

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