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I haven’t posted in months, due to many reasons, none of which anyone probably cares much about. 😉 Recently, though, I started a new blog, which is focused on music. You see, I’ve noticed that my blog was losing focus, jumping from topic to topic. But a recurring topic was music; enough so that I thought it was time to separate that part of the blog into Magic Music Passion.

Besides, my articles on this new site are shorter, since the music is the focus. This, along with my recent Twitter habit, is allowing me to work on becoming more concise with my writing. Which is a good thing, IMO.

I’ll steal what I wrote in my “Hello World” post on the new blog, to explain what I want to accomplish there:

I’m hijacking the default sample “new WordPress blog” post to welcome you to share one of my passions — that edge of the musical world where magic lives. The kind of music which takes us to a place and time we can usually only travel in our hearts and our minds. The music that takes us to another level of consciousness. A place where some people use drug as their vehicle, but where we use the most natural drug of all — music.

Join me in sampling some of the most magical music I’ve ever been privileged to have experienced. And in turn, I look forward to sharing in the music that makes you feel the same.

There are no boundaries in the music that takes us there. I’ll begin the conversation with a lot of the most special music that I have ever experienced, both in song and in album, from classical to pop / rock. But feel free to continue the conversation in whatever music touches you.

I’ll see you where magic meets music…

I will continue to post here on my main blog, sometimes cross-posting, but it will focus more on things other than music. This means technology topics from the point of view of someone who has been in the business for over 25 years, spending much of the recent past in leadership roles. It will also focus on related topics, such as education, community, and productivity. But until I get back into practice, I’ll continue to exercise my writing chops on the new blog for a bit longer, and get some of that out of my system.

Thanks for hanging with me.


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