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NYC Code Camp 4


Ready for another code camp?  Well, we can never have too much free learning (what we in the tech field call “fun”), so reserve Saturday, March 6, 2010 to attend the 4th (somewhat) annual NYC Code Camp, from 8:00 AM until 6:30 PM! It will take place at the Manhattan Microsoft office on 6th Avenue, across the street from Radio City Music Hall.

There is no city in the world with the energy and the promise of opportunity than Manhattan, so we welcome everyone in the area to join us for the buzz such an event in our great city offers.

The call for speakers is open until February 5th, and we’d love for you to submit your sessions, whether you’re looking to speak for the first time, or you’re an old pro.  Remember – this is an event by the community, for the community!

To apply for a speaking slot, first please register as a speaker here:

Then with the email address you registered with on our speaker page, please add as many abstracts as you’d like here:

Submit on anything you like in the .NET space. There is no central “theme” to our Code Camp except to focus on topics related to .NET development.

Speakers – although we can’t afford to pay any T & E, we’ll have plenty of pizza and soda, and other fun stuff just for you!

I can’t wait for this.  If you’re wondering why I’m diving into this shortly after running the Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp, it’s because I’m a glutton for learning opportunities, and I’m proud to be on the organizing committee once again for the NYC Code Camp as well.


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  1. Hi Mark,

    As a follow up to this blog entry, can you blog about the possibility of having on-line/virtual code camps. There are companies out there like ONLC that do on-line training via GoToMyPC. This would be excellent for people who have to travel a long way. It is also draining for people to travel 2 hours on a Saturday after a long work week.

  2. Hi Michael,

    On-line virtual code camps are a good idea. We’re actually looking into this as one option for a different type of event, but until I gain experience with it, I won’t be able to intelligently blog about it.


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