Every so often, we all accidentally come across something incredibly inspirational and touching when we least expect it, and it makes us stop and reevaluate things. I was surfing YouTube looking for some new Tori Amos videos, when I came across some videos created by a music teacher named Gregg from P.S. 22 in NYC. He taught his 5th grade students Tori Amos songs, including some of her best from her latest album, and he and his chorus are amazing. But the best part is what happened on May 4th in front of the Sony studio. Tori actually took time off from promoting her album to meet, watch and sing with the chorus. They actually moved her to tears. Watch all of the videos, including, most definitely, the reactions from the students on the bus after the experience. Kids are wonderful. We can learn a lot about life and gratitude from them. Remember being their age and loving life so much?

I wish I had a teacher like Gregg when I was in 5th grade. Damn, I wish I had a teacher like Gregg now.