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Shape Up or Ship Out

“Shape up or ship out”…well, it sure sounds like I’m giving myself an ultimatum, and I guess in a way I am. Frankly, I’m tired of restarting this process over and over — just a bunch of false starts. So I’m trying to commit to myself publicly. This time I lose the weight and get into shape. If I plan to live until at least 150 (I’m not kidding), I need to do this.

I started on Weight Watchers again (what, is this the third or fourth time since 1999? I don’t recall exactly). It’s the only plan that’s ever been somewhat successful for me. It was that dreadful period, right after we moved into our second home, when I hit the grand weight of 283. I lost over 25 pounds (and never gained back more than 5 of those). I got as low as 244, when I got complacent. After a couple more false starts, I now try once more at 263.2. My target is 185. It may seem low, but that’s the high-end of what someone 5’11” should be. I was at 175 when I met Lorri, and ate twice as much back then, but I was always active in the late ’70s. I lived on my bicycle. Which leads to part 2 of this plan…

Exercise. I lost count on how many false starts I’ve had in this area. Always the usual excuse — too busy to keep a consistent schedule for going to the gym. But this time I’m trying something different. I’m going to change my sleep patterns, and force myself awake at least as early as 4:00 am each day. Then I can blog for a bit (or catch up on other stuff), then head to the gym by 5:00 am. I’m basically so tired of feeling inflexible and, well, fat and lazy. This isn’t me. I was always the skinny guy, not that “big guy over there”, as people who don’t know me point me out as.

I think that these two things, alone, will trigger all the other changes I want with my life. So this is my focus for 2007.

There’s a thin, healthy guy inside here, somewhere. Let him out!

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