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*** Edited based on my comment below. ***

I used to have this on my site, so I’m reproducing it here due to all the arguments about naming since recordings began circulating for the tour. Remember one VERY IMPORTANT FACT — if we all start creating our own names for a specific recording, we will lose track of which recording is which, and we will begin downloading recordings we may already have, simply because the name is different.

Important! These naming conventions are for MP3 recordings only!!! The naming convention described at http://www.etree.org/howto2.html#2.5 should be followed for lossless, original sources of these recordings.

Also, MP3s are meant to be played on your PC and on MP3 players. They are NOT meant to be burned to disc! Please use the original lossless source for burning CDs!

These naming conventions also make it easy to label (a future blog entry) and find MP3 files on an MP3 player.

U2 – CCYY- MM-DD – Recording – NN – Song Title.mp3…where each file begins with U2, and each section is separated by ” – ” (space, dash, space):CC is the two-digit century.

YY is the two-digit year.

MM is the two-digit month.

DD is the two-digit day of the month.

Recording is the name of the recording source. If the taper gives the recording a name at the time it’s shared, that will be the name that is used. If the taper did not give it a name, please see the section, below, since this is still under debate.

NN is the two digit track number, based on the order the song was performed at that show. If the song is just an intro track, the track number will be 00. The first real track of the performance will start at 01.

Song Title is the official song title. No abbreviations are used, and all words use an initial capital letter.
Example: U2 – 1987-12-19 – Christmas In The Desert – 16 – Pride (In The Name Of Love).mp3

If two songs make up a single MP3 file, each song is preceded by a track number in the title:
Example: U2 – 1980-10-15 – Milky Way – 01 – The Ocean, 02 – 11 O’Clock Tick Tock.mp3

Folders containing each recording should be named similarly. In the above example, the folder would be:
U2 – 1980-10-15 – Milky Way

I had left out the “U2 – ” at the start of the folder name in the past, but I will start using it.

Recordings Without “Official” Names:
I have been using a consistent naming convention for recordings that don’t have an “official” given name.
Example: “Denver 2001 (1A)”, meaning that this is the first recording (the “A” in “1A”) without a given name for the first date (the “1” in “1A”) in 2001 in Denver.So, if they revisited Denver, and there’s another recording without a given name for that show, I would name it “Denver 2001 (2A)”. If there was then a second, unnamed, separate recording from that same show, I would name it “Denver 2001 (2B)”.It has been suggested that if the taper for an unnamed recording is known, the taper’s name would be used in the generic name:
Example: U2 – 2005-03-28 – San Diego 2005 (1) (Chrisedge) – 01 – City Of Blinding Lights

I like this idea, and propose that we use it.

It is absolutely imperative that the different sections of the names are kept in the same order, and that the separator of ” – ” (space, dash, space) is used. Otherwise, we lose the ability to use software to automate the labeling and organizing of these files. And that’s a very bad thing.It is also very important that the CCYY-MM-DD format is used for the date, regardless of your country’s standard format — this allows the files and folders to be sorted chronologically.

What does everyone think?


  1. I agree with nameing you talking about in articul. I think if we know email of taper its easy to write him which name he want to give to his recording.

  2. One modification I want to make:

    Instead of U2 – 2005-03-28 – San Diego 2005 (Chrisedge) – 01 – City Of Blinding Lights

    I want to use:

    U2 – 2005 – San Diego 2005 (1) (Chrisedge) – 01 – City Of Blinding Lights

    This allows for Chrisedge to record multiple San Diego shows in 2005. I forgot that we definitely need the show # for a city (1).

    I also fixed the date portion of my example — I forgot the month and day.

  3. Mark,

    What about if the taper name is very long….

    the 255 caracters windows limit will not be enough…for naming a file….

    Chrisedge, and Edgar are short ones, but what if I use the following for the Amsterdam recording: “AfrodisiactryitoutsometimeRecorder” nick name….

    just for an example….

    you won’t be able to complete most of the file names (or they are not named mp3 anymore) , which I think are more important than taper names….

    Another thig to consider is when the taper names the recording, and it is a long name…
    if you next add the recorder’s name to it, ….well you know what will happen….

    Taper names should be in a needed info.txt file…with the same name as the md5 file..

    ….with the same naming-standard as what has always have used….

    like this:

    U2 – CCYY- MM-DD – Recording – NN – Song Title.mp3


    U2 – 1980-10-15 – Milky Way – 01 – The Ocean, 02 – 11 O’Clock Tick Tock.mp3

    info file would be named:

    U2 – 1980-10-15 – Milky Way – 00 – Info.txt

    taper file would be named:

    U2 – 1980-10-15 – Milky Way – Taper.txt

    This would allow long track names…..

  4. If the taper assigns a name to the recording, I would use that recording name — I would NOT use the taper’s name in addition in the file names. I would keep the text file with the MP3s, of course, which would contain the taper’s name. Similar to what was done in the past, when the recorder was known.

    We won’t have an issue with long file names in this case.

  5. Just to clarify what I said, above. The only reason we ever need a recorder’s name is to differentiate from other recorders from the same date — so if there’s a given title, then there is no need for the recorder’s name in the file name.

  6. Mark,

    I think I get it now!! lol

    if no name is given for the recording, it would normally get a 1A, 2A, 2B or whatever naming.
    Now it gets:

    (1A) = (1) (name of taper)
    (2A) = (2) (name of taper)
    (2B) = (2) (name of 2nd taper)

    and if a recording does have a name, we just use the name for it….. 😉

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