Who the Hell Am I?


Like you care… 😉

Well, I do, so here goes…

I’m a pretty successful Software Architect.

I’m a good father to a wonderful, smart, beautiful daughter.

I’m a good husband to a wonderful, smart, beautiful artist.

I’m a bad guitar player (but definitely getting better).

I’ve been very happily married for over 20 years, and we’re still on our honeymoon.

I’m completely open-minded, yet conservative.

I’m a huge music lover. Some people think I’d win at Rock & Roll Jeopardy. That tells me that I know way too much trivia.

I’m the world’s biggest U2 fan. Along with all the others.

I’m a huge baseball fan.

I judge people WAY too much.

I judge myself more than anyone.

I’m WAY too opinionated.

Too bleeping bad.

I’m happy.

I’m VERY moody.

I have a bad temper.

I have a lot of patience.

I’m very quiet.

I talk WAY too much.

I am SO DAMN annoying.

I love people.

I hate people.

I do NOT want the spotlight on me.

Look at me.

Like most of us, I’m a paradox.



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