Mets season rained out

Now that we’re at the close of another bitterly disappointing season, I think it’s time we Mets fans realize that we’re not really entitled to miracles. We’ve had our four or so miracles throughout the years. But for some reason, while other fans hope for miracles, we always expect them.

And I think that’s the crux of our problem. I think this may be why we take it so hard when we fall short. We feel betrayed by our prayers. How many other teams’ fans get so suicidal when they fall short? I don’t believe that even Cubs fans get so depressed. The difference between Cubs fans and Mets fans is that although we both always expect disappointment, we Mets fans still believe that miracles are around the corner.

We go into every season with more than just hope — we somehow always expect that although we’ll be bitterly disappointed during the course of the season, we’ll still be saved by some incredible, last-ditch act of heaven, and that we’ll somehow be bathing in the glow of smiling deities.

Face it, folks. We’re no different than any other team. We’ve had some remarkable luck — more than our fair share, but the only thing that’ll get us back to a championship is good pitching, hitting, fielding, and fundamentals.

Nothing else.

We’re not that special, and I think one of the main reasons other teams get so much satisfaction in beating us is because of our sense of entitlement.

If there’s any lesson we should learn from the past few years, it’s this: our team is mortal, they have to work just as hard as any other team, and no one can save them but themselves.

I’m hoping that if we do win again in the near future (if again in our lifetimes), it isn’t caused by what could be perceived as divine intervention.